The effect of scents on mood



Scents are applied for various reasons - whether to boost the mood, add self-confidence, just to smell pleasantly or for many other reasons. However, one is sure that aromas have an effect on mood, subconsciously or not, but if you pay attention to it consciously, you will definitely feel the effect more.

The effect of scents on the mood comes primarily from the ingredients, in this case (in HURM perfumes) naturally. The essential oils are derived from plants and the plants are full of power, the aroma of which can be very noticeable. Let's take a closer look at how HURM perfumes can affect the mood!

HÄMARIK / nightfall

The main components of HÄMARIK are black pepper, vetiver and vanilla. The aroma is already bold and warming in its aroma, with its sly spicyness. In the same way, its ingredients actually have an effect on the mood - black pepper lifts the mood, vanilla makes you happy with its sweetness and warmth, and vetiver has a calming and soothing effect. If you are looking for a scent to lift your courage and mood, then HÄMARIK is definitely one of the options.

AOKUMA / dawn light

The main scents of Aokuma are ylang-ylang, bergamot and neroli. The perfume is full of energy and smells like a sunny summer morning - so it has kind of smae effect on the mood too. Ylang-ylang reduces stress and lifts the mood, bergamot is full of freshness, which clarifies thoughts and the smell of neroli soothes. A perfume that gives good energy and scares away all sad thoughts.

ÜRGMETS / pristine forest

The main components of the Ürgmets are cedar, myrrh and white grapefruit. In terms of the combination, it has a mysterious and wild smell, as the name suggests, but it is mysteriously homely and feels like a walk in the (ancient) forest. And a walk in the forest already suggests that it is a soothing and calming scent, which is greatly influenced by cedarwood and myrrh, white grapefruit is also stress relieving and mood-boosting. If there is a desire to keep the mysterious power of peace and nature close to you, then ÜRGMETS will give you the effect for sure..

Each natural perfume is special for the wearer and, of course, the effect on the mood also depends on many other factors, but the effect of perfumes on the senses should not be underestimated, they have a real magic.

Until next time, hurmur!

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