Natural perfume - why?


The perfumery world is quite endless. You can find a lot of fragrances from mass production to a selection of exclusive brands. Why should there be a natural option? Most of the perfumes sold today are made of synthetic origin, based on kerosene, and brands of mass-produced fragrances use mostly possible ingredients, not very high-quality synthetic ingredients. Perfumes often contain the word "fragrance" under the ingredients, which can consist of up to 4,000 different synthetic compounds and do not need to be listed for patent rights. Every year, new ingredients are found that are banned in perfumes, but no one can find a list of unknown and completely safe ingredients.

These reasons, as well as personal interest, prompted us to find an alternative to natural perfume, from which HURM was born.

The natural fragrance (at least for HURM perfumes) does not use synthetic fixatives, but simply has essential oils for a base with stronger smell and organic grain alcohol, which keeps the perfume on the skin longer. That's why the natural scent doesn't last as long as the synthetic one, for example HURM can stay on for 3-6 hours (depending on the skin's moisture level and other factors). Although natural perfumes do not cause allergies due to chemical substances, there are still natural allergens, which are a natural part of oils, they are also listed under ingredients. Therefore, the use of natural perfumes is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For all natural oils, we also check their background, certificates and ethical production. And every scent, which consists of different oils, also carries its own raw beauty and influence - for example, some oils have a calming effect, while others have a stimulating effect. Applying the scent of HURM, you can feel the pure charm of nature.
The natural scent also provides an opportunity to stimulate and test the sense of smell more by feeling and learning over time which scents appear in the perfume, because the layers of the scent change significantly more when the natural perfume is applied to the skin than in the case of synthetic perfumes. Natural perfume seem to be alive, because they breathe on the skin, first intensely and then becoming softer, gradually revealing the scents.
In any case, HURM is fascinated by natural components and the creation of perfume as an art form with them.

If you are trying a natural perfume for the first time, take time for yourself and for the perfume, because getting used to new fragrance molecules can take up to 7 days and notice how different layers of fragrance appear on the skin in seconds, minutes, hours.

Until the next time, hurmur!

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