h`urm <22i: hurma, h`urma> võlu, veetlus (estonian)

Võlu, veetlus - charm, enchantment

Hurm started because nature charmed us. Nature inspired to create perfumes that would be pure, high quality, and unique - every perfume smells different on each person. Hurm brings nature to you, wherever you are and shares its magic with you in everyday life. Our perfumes are inspired by and named after places and phenomenons in Estonian nature. 

Hurm is your real natural charisma, made of raw materials, nothing synthetic in there. That is why every perfume created is unique, none of them is exactly the same as the other.

We think that Hurm suits to all nature's kids. So be whoever you are and want to be, Hurm is not labeled, it' s free like nature itself.

And since we are using nature's resources to bring this natural perfume to you, we believe that it is the only right way to give back as well. This is why we donate 1% of profits to a nature conservancy organization, a new one in every six months.

And not to make any extra waste for this beautiful world - we will also use refilling system with bottles. 

Hurm is organic and vegan. Free of chemicals and not tested on animals.

We hope you enjoy it and cherish nature with us. 

handcrafted natural perfume