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Welcome! We started writing a web diary - blog. In the future, there will be various topics that are more or less related to the wonderful world of scents, but this is certainly not the strict rule here. In the first post, we will talk more about the HURM brand.

Perfumes have been our invisible companions for a long time, their story began thousands of years ago. The use of fragrances started with completely natural components - they were used in the bath, at ceremonies, to clean the air and also on the body.

HURM was also born out of a desire and will to create a natural perfume that, in addition to synthetic scents, would bring back the primacy of nature and raw beauty, beautiful and complex scents that would bring nature closer to the wearer and vice versa. These scents, which can be smelled when walking in the forest at different times of the year, feeling the sand and waves fluttering by the sea, sweet summer flower fields, crisp early mornings in the bog or on the grass after rain - they can never be put in the bottle as a perfume, because you have to be there to enjoy them. In the nature.

However, HURM provides an opportunity to enjoy a special symbiosis of certain plant scents, which in reality may not come into contact with each other. When you wear natural perfumes, you can also feel their liveliness, the scents change on the skin over time and are never the same from start to finish. There is magic and mystery hidden in this organic perfume, which has come directly from nature.

HURM uses organic essential oils to make fragrances, because in this case you can be sure that the plants that are used are clean and the durability and sustainability of natural resources are guaranteed, using approved and controlled cultivation methods. HURM is also careful about the ingredients and we avoid using plant oils that are endangered and red-listed. And these organic perfumes are handcrafted in Estonia, unisex scents which are vegan and made with ethically produced vegan components.

And since we are using nature's resources to bring this natural perfume to you, we believe that it is the only right way to give back as well. This is why we donate 1% of profits to a nature conservancy organization, a new one in every six months. We will talk about this in more detail sometime in our web diary!

Perfume creation is an art form. And HURM is created using natural resources. Each scent tells its own story and to each wearer it is unique.

In natural perfume, it is the charm and magic that has inspired us to create and share them with everyone. It's something that takes your thoughts away for a while on a fast day to the primacy and mystery of nature, which carries power and vitality that can lift your mood and stimulate your sense of smell with various scent notes. That is why we have created the natural perfume HURM.

That is all for the first diary entry.

See you again, hurmur!

(hurmur - charmer in Estonian)

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